Our Mission

Redefine Twenty began with a 24-year-old undergraduate university student and her laptop in 2018. Redefine Twenty became a space to communicate and express anger, to educate, and empower young people using social media platforms. The team grew and manifested into two young women with the same passions and we hope to continue to grow.

We believe in intersectionality and support women, radicalized people, +2LGBTQ, Indigenous People, and those that have been continuously oppressed in our society. We recognize and fight bigotry, discrimination, privilege, stereotypes, and gender binaries that are embedded in our society.

Redefine Twenty is a social platform working towards redefining these narratives by focusing on unapologetic and uncensored stories. We cultivate the power of stories and sharing stories by asking you to join us in the conversation and use your voice to redefine our future.

You can find us on Instagram, Twitter, and SoundCloud for our Podcast.