What is Redefine Twenty?

Redefine Twenty is a social platform to celebrate, empower, and educate young females through unapologetic and uncensored stories.

Why the name Redefine Twenty?

Well, as a female in her twenties, I’ve been told and grew up thinking, I would have everything figured out when I’m “older” and here I am “older” and I DON’T have it all figured out. I was also told to find a good husband that would take care of me, but that’s a whole other problem and story.

Currently, a full-time university student, working part-time, volunteering, trying to stay healthy, keeping up with a social life, trying to save up money but also paying off debt… does not feel like the luxurious “older” life I was aspiring to in my teenage years. I also feel like when I tell people I’m in my early twenties, I feel like they, in some ways, they look down on me and think I’m naivé, which doesn’t help that I look super young but that’s where redefine twenty comes in.

I’ve always been passionate about writing and social justice issues, women’s rights, and human rights. I didn’t have the opportunity to learn or discuss feminism and understand gender inequality until my fourth-year university feminism and gender studies course. That really opened my eyes to the importance of education and empowerment. The fundamental basic understanding of human rights is recognizing the inequality embedded in our society. It is through education and stories that we can start to uplift these rooted issues of colonialism, capitalism, and white privilege.

Where do you see Redefine Twenty in the future?

I want to create a business with Redefine Twenty that can provide jobs and opportunities for young women to share their stories and passions. I want to create events, workshops, and discussions for women, by women. Whether that be writing, photography, music, event planning, social media influencer, fashion, etc. whatever that passion or skill may be, it is welcomed! I want to grow our community and although I am unable to pay for any of these positions right now, I hope to in the future.




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