“Because it is … Basic human rights”

Tampons, pads, period cups … basically, anything that stops a woman from bleeding all over herself as she sheds the inner lining of her uterus in public should be damn free. period.

A few weeks ago, on my way to work, I felt it. Ah yes, my period. She’s all like, oh cool, you’re going to work AND you’re already running late? SURPRISE, I am here now give me attention. I quickly stopped at the convenience store right by my work to hopefully, quickly purchase a pad, tampon, whatever! I quietly ask the cashier if she had any boxes of pads or tampons. She didn’t quite hear me and I thought to myself, why the hell am I whispering? I shouldn’t be embarrassed to say I am on my period. I ask a bit louder,”Do you have any pads or tampons?” The woman nodded her head and reached behind the counter… mind you, hidden and tucked away. She scans it. $12.50. A small box of 3 normal sized pads were $12.50. $12.50!! I was SHOOK. Totally caught off guard I told her, “That’s too expensive, I’m okay.” I guess she felt bad as she said she would give me a discount, “$12?” Stunned that she thought that would persuade me I said, “No, still too much.” She said, “Okay, okay $10?” I was about to walk away when she said “$7.50?” By this time I could feel my period making herself at home, I agreed to the price and made my way to work. On my way out of the store, I guess the guy, who I can only assume is her boss, said something along the lines of, why would you discount that? Literally stunned that he would ask that made me furious.

I know I could have bought a box of like 30 for $10 but it’s the principle of purchasing period products in general. The fact that you can get condoms at any clinic for FREE but not period products is just fucked up in my books. There is something that needs to be done about this but I don’t know what. All tampon commercials are all like, “woo empower women to be productive, periods shouldn’t stop you!” But it’s like bitcchhh, we are paying for this shit and we can’t help that we get our period once a month for 5-10 business days. Imagine taking a shit in a public washroom and they were like, “oh yeah, you have to pay for the toilet paper.” UHM?

To be brutally honest, when I don’t have a pad or tampon, I wrap my underwear up in toilet paper, like who’s with me on this? hmm… maybe it’s just me. I feel helpless thinking of women that can’t even afford these products! What happens then? This is something, as women, we need to take a stand on and change. It is a basic human right to have period products fo’ FREE!

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