I hated the ending of 13 Reasons Why and now it’s a reality.

22-year-old Patrick Walsh from Dundas, Ontario, who also went to St. Mary’s Catholic Secondary School, is pleading not guilty to raping a young girl. He filmed her passed out and puking for his friends. He may get away with this because there is no “evidence” and his lawyer is presenting the case as blaming the victim: (For the story click: The Star )

The poor girl has to convince the judge and jury, in front of her family and her rapist, that Patrick Walsh raped her.

There is 460,000 sexual assault in Canada every year. Out of every 1000 sexual assaults, 33 are reported to the police, 12 have charges laid, 6 are prosecuted, and 3 lead to a conviction. 

This story hits so close to home. I am born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. I’ve seen and heard about rape cases on the news or places far away, but never so close to home. And I couldn’t help but think, Why? Is it because Patrick Walsh comes from money? Are his parents covering this up from the media? Who are we really protecting? Patrick or the victim?

If Patrick Walsh was black and raped a white girl, he would instantly go to jail. Sexual assault is not just gender inequality, it is race, class, social status, irresponsibility.

We cannot put our faith in the social justice system.

Another similar story that happened last year, Chance McDonald,

“22-year-old from Kingston, Ontario who went to Queen’s University – a hockey player, charged with sexual assault. However, the judge, Justice Allan Letourneay, also a former hockey player, reduced McDonald’s charge to a common assault plea. The Judge postponed the business student’s sentencing for four months, in time for MacDonald to complete a prestigious internship at Deloitte. Deloitte Canada issued a statement after the sentencing, saying they were unaware of the situation before it was reported by the media and that McDonald was no longer employed with their company. MacDonald will serve an 88-day sentence on weekends. We will be on probation for two years, including conditions to attend and participate in assessment counseling and rehabilitative programs as directed by a probation officer.” 

I am afraid that Patrick Walsh’s case will end up like Chance McDonald’s.

We have a voice. I want to tell the young girl, “You are supported, you are loved, and we believe you. You are strong, you are brave, you are courageous. You are not defined by Patrick Walsh. ”


Patrick Walsh must face full charges of rape. The biases that he is a white, young, male, with money and athletic background should not be what prevents him from facing the full charges of rape.

The victim, the strong and brave woman, will face psychological trauma that will stay with her forever.

I cannot watch another Brock Turner, Chance MacDonald, and Patrick Walsh walk away.

Justice must be served.


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