Why Are We So Afraid?

At a loss for words, I uploaded countless stories and posts on Instagram after reading:

Toronto man pleads not guilty to sexually assaulting university student and live-streaming her naked and vomiting

I am angry, I am upset, I want to scream.

Why is it 2018 and there are still cases of rape?
Why are we blaming the victim and asking why she was there?
Why are we not teaching DO NOT RAPE rather than teaching women what not to wear?
Why is no one reposting my stories?
Why are we not talking about it?


I’ve only heard or seen rape cases on the news or heard about them from a friend of a friend but Patrick Walsh’s case hits so close to home.

He is from Hamilton, Ontario. He went to school with some of my friends.

What was so alarming was that I didn’t hear about this story on the news, yet, cases like this, happen more often than not.

As a woman, I am still fighting for my rights. The right to feel safe when walking home, the right to speak up when I feel uncomfortable, the right to my own body, the right of choice.

I do not want to be perceived as just another feminist, just another angry female feminist who hates men. No. I hate when I read young women fighting in a courtroom to prove they were raped. I hate thinking about the young woman, standing in front of a judge and jury, rethinking the night her world was turned upside down. I hate thinking about her looking at her rapist and him walking away with dropped charges.

The woman’s name is private in the article. I want to start #exposepatrickwalsh to show her we believe her, we support her, and to spread this story.

Why do we have to wait until it happens to us? or someone close to us to say something, to feel something, to do something?

I am protesting.

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