“Starting The Conversation”

With everything going on in the news with Trump and Kavanaugh, sexual harassment, sexual assault, women fighting for equality and basic human rights…it can get very overwhelming and hard to digest. I was (am) angry, confused, and upset and didn’t know where or how to handle all these emotions or thoughts. I would vent to my friends about it, re-post news or empowerment quotes on Instagram… but it still didn’t feel enough.

I felt helpless and powerless.

Until I had the idea of hosting an event that celebrates women and we can discuss these “controversial” conversations in a safe social space without the pressure of formal, structured questions.

Starting The Conversation was our very first event! I made the reservation at The Diplomat in one of the two lounge areas, which is a great space to hold a kind of cocktail style event. Guests were welcome to walk about and mingle or sit down and order food and drinks.

I set up a question station, where people could pick a question from a jar and answer it on this sheet. This was a fun activity to get the conversation started and to visually see what other people were thinking about.


What is the biggest worldwide problem facing women?

Why do you need feminism?

What does feminism mean to you?

Do you think feminist movements are needed in this country?

What important things should men know about feminism?

Why do you think “feminism” has become a dirty word?

Do you consider yourself a feminist? why or why not?

Can men be feminists?

What are your hopes and concerns for your community and/or the country now and long-term?

Where did you learn about feminism? And what did you learn?

Has feminism played in your life?

Do you have any concerns about feminism?

What are some concrete ways we can fight for gender equality?

I also walked around and gave groups questions to answer on a whiteboard which was a great way to get groups talking about a specific topic.

Why do you need feminism?

  • To feel safe in a public place
  • to not be treated like an object
  • equal opportunities

What is the biggest worldwide problem facing women?

  • Rape culture
  • Education
  • Wage Gap
  • Poverty
  • Child Marriage

All such great conversational starters for our next workshops and events.

What’s next:

In groups, I asked: What events or workshops would you like to see in the future?

  • Open mic night – movies/games
  • guest speakers
  • women in the workplace
  • paint night
  • more like tonight

One question that arose was, what can women do or how can they respond when they are being sexually harassed in the workplace? I think that was and is one of the biggest questions that were discussed and is still being discussed. In hopes of looking for resources and perhaps a guest speaker, it looks like one of our future events will be a workshop on this important and crucial conversation.

Overall, it was a splendid evening. I want to thank everyone that showed their love and support. My heart is so full and happy!

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