#WOTW: Phoolan Devi

Phoolan Devi was born on August 10, 1963 and she was an Indian bandit, who later became a Member of Parliament in India. After her failed marriage when she was a teenager, she committed her life to crime and popularly became known as “bandit queen”. During her participation as a bandit in the gang (which she was the only female member of), a dispute had arisen which resulted in a gunfight. The victor group of the gunfight took her away and she was repeatedly raped over the span of several days. However, as revenge she reunited with her gang and they killed her rapists, and the event is now known as the Behmai Massacre. She avoided capturement for two years after the massacre, however surrendered and was charged for 48 crimes and was jailed for 11 years. Her charges were dropped and she was then elected to become a Member of Parliament in India. Unfortunately, Devi was assassinated near her home by relatives of the victims of the massacre. She was only 37. Devi is a symbol of how one can take control of their life and aspire to become whatever they set their eyes on. Her image is controversial due to the massacre, however as an Indian woman who had experienced emotional and physical turmoil, she was able to regain control of her life, and her legacy lives on.

#girlpower #india #redefinetwenty #womenempowerment #WOTW

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