#ACTC: Tanvir Singh

“Hello, my name is Tanvir Singh. I am a Hamilton native, born and bred – I absolutely love this city for how it has molded me into the individual I am today. Through the relationships I’ve developed in different pockets of the community, I owe a lot to the city of Hamilton. 

Why did I start writing poetry? To be honest, I don’t really know. I knew I needed a creative outlet because I consistently have a whirlwind of thoughts going through my head at any given time – I’ve always had an inclination.

For writing, and this just seemed like a good exercise. I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy it, or how many individuals in my immediate circle resonate with what I have been sharing. I don’t have any plans of becoming an established poet, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen.

The beauty of writing is that you should write for yourself. It’s a cathartic. It is a bonus that those close to me resonate or enjoy my writings, but that was never my intention.

When you begin writing for other people, you begin to think for other people.

I write for myself. I write for my sanity.”

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