Becoming Michelle Obama

I never really was a huge Michelle Obama fan, I know that she is a huge icon being the first black First Lady and all, but she didn’t really resonate with me. I got her autobiography as a birthday present (shoutout to Jessie), so I decided to give it a read. At first, it took me while to really get into the book, however after finishing it, it was worth the read.

I think Michelle Obama did a great job of revealing intimate memories and experiences of herself, but also gaining the respect of the readers. With having her every move being monitored while she was the First Lady, I really appreciated that she wrote an autobiography. It isn’t the easiest to share intimate details about your life, since you may want to keep them to yourselves, especially with have the public watch your every move. For this I consider Michelle Obama extremely brave, but also generous.

Michelle Obama begins her autobiography with her life and family in Chicago. She mentions her education, her relationship with her peers and much more. Eventually, she meets Barack Obama and shares her life as an Obama, a mother and First Lady.

It was a privilege reading her autobiography and I have a newfound respect for her. The autobiography emphasizes that even though Obama was in a position of power, she wasn’t indestructible. Her identity as a black woman didn’t disappear when she became the First Lady, but actually made her target. She was a victim of bullying, verbal abuse and mockery. However, Obama embodies true optimism, after every attack Obama remained optimistic and used her position in order to provide a voice to those who needed it the most. She implemented programs for young girls and healthy eating, and was an advocate for the black community.

Readers will realize that Obama had an ordinary life and upbringing, but it’s what she did with her life and opportunities that make her an extraordinary woman.

We hope the best for the Obamas, and hope they are gaining some rest!

Buy the autobiography here:

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