#20Under20: Amika George

After learning that young people in the U.K. are forced to miss school because they don’t have necessary menstrual products and in some cases, use tissues or strips of t-shirts to replace menstrual products; at 17 years old, Amika George, founded #FreePeriods.
Her goal was to ensure that everyone who needed menstrual products, have them. She aimed to get just 10 signatures on a petition asking Prime Minister Theresa May to give all girls who are eligible for free lunch in the U.K. free menstrual products as well. Little did she know that in the span of just a few weeks the petition would have about 2,000 signatures and a little more than a year later the signature count would be approaching 200,000.

Amika, 19, was nominated for Teen Vogue’s 21 under 21, by @emmawatson for her extraordinary work toward menstrual equality. As her successes accumulate, Amika says she’s living proof of just how much young people are capable of.

In addition to her petition, the North Londoner also organized a protest in December 2017 that brought more than 2,000 people into the streets to fight for period equality. Much of the support for her campaign has come from social media Amika said, which is why she thinks online platforms are crucial for young people’s success.✨ “I’d like to think that the idea of the embarrassment and shame [about periods will be gone]. I think we are moving forward now,” Amika tells @teenvogue“People are starting to question this idea that menstruation is disgusting.”

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