#Docuseries: It’s A Girl

It’s A Girl is a documentary directed by Evan Grae Davis. The documentary focuses on the infanticide rates in India and China. Infanticide is a prevalent issue mainly in developing countries and mostly females become victims to it. Children in India are being murdered because males are sought out to be the preferred gender in families, while females are perceived to be burdens. In China, females are being killed due to the one-child policy. When officials find out that a women is pregnant with her second child they are forced to have an abortion against their will. Infanticide in both countries is a common issue among rural families, due to insufficient access to education, resources and financial aid. As a result, millions of baby girls are killed. The documentary demonstrates how essential gender equality is and the extremes that women have to go through, right from the beginning of their birth.

The link for the trailer is linked below:


You can watch the documentary by clicking on this link:


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