#ACTC: Meghan Dendekker

Yoga instructor Meghan shares her story about how she battles with body shame. It’s inspiring to be vulnerable and open up about difficult topics like self-image. Here is what she wrote in a post below:

“I’m about to shed some light on an unpopular perspective based on my own experience. I guess as an intro this is a day-in-the-life of dealing with skinny shamer’s.
“You’re too skinny.”
“Put some meat on your bones”
“Why do you even workout, you can’t afford to lose any weight”
“You don’t have to watch what you eat”

I’m supposed to accept these passive-aggressive remarks as compliments? Bull-fucking-shit. I doubt you’d walk up to a bustier person and scrutinize them to their face.
Essentially when this happens I roll my eyes and I don’t feed too much into the stigma, but lately, because I have been feeling really crappy inside of my body it has been a massive bother.
Ultimately I have observed that people feel obligated to act like I don’t have a credited reason to feel bad/shitty in my body because of my size. Like life couldn’t possibly ever be hard for me because I look healthy on the outside (whatever that means). I’m not kidding you this is real.

It is honestly so fucked up to me that we use externals such as weight factor and image to categorize someone’s level of health.
To be straight out and honest the past 2 months have been a rollercoaster for my health. I was sick badly twice, my iron levels are out of whack, I’ve been lethargic and highly un-motivated to get to the gym and even yoga classes. I lost 6 lbs… 6lbs that someone close to me said “I can’t afford to lose, I am going to waste away to nothing”. LIKE WHAT? That’s just so great to hear…
Instead of a natural angered reaction, I used that as fuel to motivate some positive lifestyle shifts for the way I love and care for myself. To get back into regimens I know make me feel the best.
If I lose another 6 lbs but I FEEL good, fuck it. If I gain 25 lbs and FEEL good, FUCK IT. Lay it on me. I am open to that. Love your body enough to make it feel good, and it will shine from the inside out.
Cause it’s all in how you feel, you feel me?
p.s. Stop weight shaming and find something better to talk about. There are 1000’s of other things you can look for in a person. Shallow asshole

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