#Docuseries: Extreme Poverty in China: A Family Portrait of the “Ice Boy”


After his picture went viral, Wang Fuman became known as Ice Boy. His family couldn’t afford appropriate outerwear, thus when he walked to school one day, his hair froze. In the documentary video, you get a closer look at his life. The Wang family currently resides in the Yunnan province in China. His father only gets to visit his family once or twice a year, since he works in the city as a construction worker. The Wang family are left to live in an ill-equipped house, since they rely on one annual income, that isn’t sufficient for their family. The family used to rely on their fields for their food and income, however the government turned the surrounding area into woods. There are 43 million people in China who still live on US $0.95 a day, and the Wang family unfortunately are a part of this statistic. You can learn more about the Wang family in the video linked below:

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