#ACTC: Bharosa Support Group

Our next “A Call to Celebrate” is dedicated to Bharosa Support Group. 21-year-old Harleen Singh is the founder and organizer of Bharosa Support Group. Bharosa Support Group is an organization which raises awareness about mental health and provides support to those who are struggling with their mental health.

Leena formed Bharosa once she received her Mental Health First Aid Certification in June 2017. She wanted to apply the knowledge that she had acquired overtime, since she has dealt with mental illness throughout her life and knew others who shared similar experiences.

Leena has dealt with depression and anxiety for nearly 13 years of her life and is still something she struggles with. “I felt there was not a lot of talk about it in the South Asian community, and not a lot of resources out there for people like myself. I am also taking Psychology at Ryerson University, which has provided me with a lot of knowledge to be able to spread awareness in the first place.”

They run monthly support meetings to provide a safe and anonymous space to talk about any mental illness, abuse or addiction – and also send weekly newsletters via email with some tips and educational content for the mental health community.

They are based in the GTA, primarily in Mississauga and Brampton, and they also have a branch located at Western University in London, Ontario. Their services are available for South Asian female youth/young adults ages 15-25 in the GTA dealing with mental illness, abuse, or addiction.

Leena’s purpose for her organization is to provide a safe space to connect with others dealing with similar issues, and to build a trust system within members of our group.

She has a team of 25 volunteers who currently attend meetings to make others feel more comfortable, and teamwork is incredibly important within their organization!

“Mental wellness is just as important as physical wellness. Your mental health can directly affect your everyday life, and can even impact your physical health as well. I believe life is something to be enjoyed everyday, and stress, anxiety and depression can negatively impact your ability to live life to the fullest. I used to be someone who strived off of success, and believed that life was a competition. I realized after hitting my lowest point that the secret to life is pure happiness. Not everything is as crazy and serious as it seems, it is best to just do what makes you happy without giving it a second thought. Taking risks in life without over-thinking things can directly affect your happiness, and lead you to living a fuller life, which can ultimately alter your mental wellness. It becomes a full 180, and life seems a lot easier once you don’t let things get in your way. Having mental wellness can help you obtain this mindset, and let you live life to the fullest.”

In the future, Bharosa plans to host tons of mental health workshops for all ages and genders to attend! Bharosa would also hope to grow more branches within universities, so there are safe spaces at school to attend support group meetings that are more accessible. They also are hoping to open an office space in the GTA as well.

They have an upcoming event on May 25th! They will be offering a mental health workshop which will focus on Understanding Grief and Mourning! More details are on their Instagram page, @bharosasupport and click on the link their bio to RSVP!

If you would like to get involved with Bharosa, they are always accepting volunteers, so feel free to email them for their volunteer application!

If you would like contact Bharosa they can be contacted at bharosagroupmh@gmail.com for all inquiries, and for any urgent matters their contact number is 647-880-5336.


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