#ACTC: Therapy Nation

On April 25th, 2019 at 5pm, Therapy Nation held an event to promote positive mental health and well-being at Mahtay Cafe in St. Catharines. Founded by Keira, a Brock University student completing her last year in teacher’s college, and her mother, Kristie, who has a B.A, M.Ed, MSW(C), Therapy Nation aims to promote positive mental health and well being. Their focus is on working as a community to foster meaningful connections, share resources and promote an authentic life.

When we asked Kiera why she started Therapy Nation, she states:

“My mom and I just saw such a need to share and advocate for self-care. So many mental health agencies and movements talk about admitting the problem but not giving real-life solutions. Not everyone has access to funds to get a Counsellor or sign up for a sport. We wanted to create a community that empowers, shares and supports one another. We want a positive, confident and mentally strong generation and that’s why we’re here to help.”

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“Mental Health problems in society are rising. Waitlists for help can be long. More than ever we can benefit from taking practical actions as individuals and groups to take control of our own well-being. Science tells us that there are specific actions that we can take to improve our well-being. Our aim is to share these ideas and engage with one another to try them.”

Therapy Nation

This event celebrated local artists and community members: Darcy Patrick, Kiki Kinashuk, Coop Hannahson, and yours truly, Redefine Twenty, who shared their therapies relating to mental health and well-being.

Darcy Patrick

“Only with open conversation can we break the Stigma behind depression, let’s start talking and do it together!”

Darcy Patrick, author, speaker, facilitator, and mental health advocate guided us through a meditation, reading a page from his book, “My Guided Medication.” Darcy talks about how mindfulness and guided imagery has been a big part of his therapy in recovering from depression and focuses on how he creates tools to find happiness.

The Bae Beach Club

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“A place down the road where the sand is hot and the drinks are cold.”

Kiki Kinashuk, lady of The Bae Beach Club, serenaded us with her beautiful voice. The feel-good music and their stage presence… you just can’t help but smile!

Coop Hannahson

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Coop Hannahson, a 25-year old Canadian Drummer/ Percussionist, and teacher.

A graduate of Mohawk College’s reputable contemporary music performance program, Hannahson has toured with, “Between Breathing“, “Through These Words“, “Dustin Jones and the Rising Tide“, his own band “Gung Ho Catalyst“, as well as Juno rapper nominee “D-Sisive” and acclaimed Canadian jazz pianist, Adrean Farrugia and bassist Pat Collins. ​Cooper is currently residing, teaching, composing, and performing in and around his hometown of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. He is known locally for being a polite, upbeat, and energetic outlook on all things music.


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React is led by high school students from the Niagara region. React is a youth-led action group that educates our peers and advocates for healthy lifestyles.

Main Focus:

  • Tobacco: Teaches youth the tactics of the tobacco industry in hopes of preventing youth from starting to use tobacco and helping them quit if they already started.
  • Mental Health: Increase the knowledge and awareness of mental health issues, with the goal of decreasing the stigma that surrounds it.
  • Healthy Eating and Physical Activity: Educate youth on the importance of eating balanced meals, maintaining a positive body image and engaging in daily physical activity.
  • Sexual Health: Provide information that can help teens make educated decisions about sex and relationships.
  • Substance Misuse: Encourage youth to make their own safe decisions when it comes to drugs and alcohol.

Last night React worked the Button Station, Photo Booth, Drawing Station, Random Acts of Kindness Booth, and List Making Station.

Redefine Twenty will be featuring them in A Call To Celebrate post. Keep posted!

Thank you Therapy Nation for including Redefine Twenty at your inspiring event. Our therapy is the essence of that event, celebrating and empowering our community. It was so lovely to be surrounded by like-minded and talented individuals. We look forward to your future events.

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