Females Fighting Climate Change

Redefine Twenty member and recent graduate, Jillien Lortie, discusses climate change after yesterday’s post about wanting to hear your voice. Jillien came up with Females Fighting Climate Change, and we are totally on board!

“Let’s talk about climate change. It’s easy to scroll past the posts to save yourself from the misery of hearing about the world ending. It’s easy to remain ignorant about the war that our planet is fighting because if we don’t know about it, then we don’t have to help. What won’t be easy, however, is looking back on this moment 20 years from now and thinking about what you COULD HAVE done to help.

What won’t be easy is thinking back to what life WAS like when things weren’t dead. What won’t be easy is apologizing to your children for leaving them to survive and thrive in an environment that no longer can. The topic sucks, and it especially sucks to imagine yourself in these uneasy moments, but we need to wake up.

We need to do something. Part of “doing something” might involve making sacrifices to the accessible and efficient lifestyles that we are so privileged to experience in the 21st century, but we need to suck it up and remember the faces of the future. People like us, years from now, rely on us to take action at this moment.

So let’s DO SOMETHING! I encourage you to share what YOU will do to help fight this war. Let’s brainstorm ways to live a better environmentally friendly lifestyle. Stop driving everywhere. Give up plastic. Buy local. Stop bagging everything. Compost. Reuse things. Don’t buy things that just go in the garbage (toilet paper, tissue paper, paper towel). Fight for climate change policies in your community.

There are SO MANY THINGS you can do! Do something.”


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