Docuseries: The Truth About Where Hair Extensions Come From

The hair trade specifically targets and exploits poor women around the world. When consumers look for long, beautiful, thick hair, their go-tos are usually Brazilian, Indian, or Russian “virgin remy” hair. Virgin remy hair is unprocessed hair and hair strands that go in the same direction. Even though hair extension companies may be claiming that the hair may be coming from Brazil, Russia, etc., most of the time it is coming from poor women across the world. In this docuseries, a Vietnamese women named Nguyen Thi Thuy has every hair traders dream, black hip-length hair. When hair traders visit rural cities, specifically in Vietnam, they only offer $3 for their hair. That’s right $3. However, Dan Choi is going to change that, he owns a human hair company and provides women with an ethical and fair price for their hair. Watch this docuseries to learn more about the shady hair business and how you can make more ethical decisions, to better someone else’s life that is on the other side of the world.

Watch the documentary below:

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