Meet The Team


Jessica Vinluan

Why the name Redefine Twenty?

Well, as a female minority in my twenties, while navigating through my personal experiences and education, I have uncovered, my political, social, and personal values which have awakened and challenged my identity as activist and educator.

I’ve always been passionate about writing and social justice issues, however, I didn’t have the opportunity to learn or discuss feminism and understand gender inequality until my fourth-year university feminism and gender studies course. That really opened my eyes to the importance of education and empowerment.

The fundamental basic understanding of human rights is recognizing the inequality embedded in our society. It is through education and stories that we can begin to uplift these rooted issues of colonialism, capitalism, and white privilege.

Where do you see Redefine Twenty in the future?

I want to create Redefine Twenty into a business that can provide equitable jobs and opportunities for young women to share their passions, experiences, thoughts, and stories. I want to create events, workshops, and discussions for women, by women. Whether that be writing, photography, music, event planning, social media influencer, fashion, etc. whatever that passion or skill may be, it is welcomed!

Based in Hamilton, Ontario, I want to grow our community and although I am unable to pay for any of these positions right now, I hope to in the near future.


Chand Bhangal

Hey guys, I have some exciting news to share!!! My friend Jessica Mae has asked me to contribute to her feminist/female empowerment account @redefinetwenty, so you will see some cool posts coming soon from yours truly! We love to discuss about social justice, inequality, identity and much more! We also focus on change in our local communities, and shed some light about local organizations/initiatives! We host events, so we would love it if you could come out to future events. Support your girl and follow @redefinetwenty and hope you learn something new from us! So stay tuned and get ready to feel empowered!✨✨